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Born approx. June 2021. Agadir was a stray dog we rescued from Agadir beach in 2023, along with her newborn puppies. Sadly, her puppes were sick and none of them survived. Since the tragedy, Agadir has become a beloved member of our farm crowd. She has a charming personality; sweet, sociable and funny. We often see her rolling on her back, wiggling and stretching all fours in the air. We initially tried to move her to an all-dog enclosure but she managed to climb over all fences to get out to the main area, so we gave in and now let her live amongst the free-ranging cats, puppies and senior dogs. She gets along well with all of the animals, loves cuddling with SARA team members and greets visitors with tail wags.

As much as we enjoy her company, we lack space and hope she finds a family of her own. Her future home ideally includes other dogs and/or cats, a secured outdoor space and opportunities to explore the world outside. As a free spirit keen on human company, Agadir is unlikely to cope well with staying indoors on her own for hours. She's the kind of dog that socialises easily and you can take along to many places. Among our beldis she is one of the smallest, measuring 42cm shoulder height and weighing approximately 14kg.

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