We work hard to keep all our supporters informed about what is happening at the refuges and the situation in Agadir and Morocco as a whole.  Here are some links to articles about us that have appeared in national and international news.


1-on-1 With SARA Morocco Founder

Sep 20, 2020

The Stray Dogs of Adagir

Mar 11, 2016

''Revenir à une cohabitation harmonieuse entre l'homme et l'animal est possible''

Nov 5, 2014

Starving stray dogs resort to eating each other at the Agadir Dog Pound

Dec 19, 2019

Somerset Volunteer praised for helping to save more than 900 stray and starving dogs

Dec 1, 2020

CLEBS - The Movie


Dog Days: A Conversation with Halima Ouardiri

Dec 8, 2020