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Michèle is the founder of Le Coeur sur la Patte and SARA Morocco and has been achieving the impossible in improving the lives of animals

in Morocco since 2007.

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Hazel started rescuing dogs in her village in 2010 and has been working with Michele since 2017, mainly as a keyboard warrior.



Larbi has been working with Michele and the animals since the very beginning in 2008. He is Michele's right arm and does everything from driving supplies between our 3 refuges, making repairs, supervising staff, and so much more. He works very hard, and often on his one day off, he is rustled out of bed to deal with something!



Rachid is a Native of the Agadir region, he is a Berber and a hard worker devoted to the animals. Anything from handling feeding time, to cleaning up poo, Rachid will do, and with a big smile on his face!  It is often dirty, heavy work, in high heat, but he just gets on with it. He is a valued member of our team.



Azzis comes from Smimou and works at the Farm Refuge.


He looks after all the cats and dogs and they love him. He always has a smile on his face.



Valerie is currently based in Agadir. Her place is usually full of dogs and she makes dog friends wherever she goes. ⁠⁠From inventory, channel management and on site help. Valerie has been a huge help for SARA.



Alicia is our brand manager and leads all of our socials. She herself owns a rescue named Taco. She loves animals and has been working for SARA since 2019.  


Polina rescued dogs while living in Morocco. After relocating to Brussels with her two beldi dogs she couldn’t forget about all the homeless beldis left behind.

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Laura is wildlife obsessed and has regularly rescued animals from a young age (much to the dismay of her mother).

After smuggling the hotels breakfast into her bag and feeding all the strays on her trip to Agadir, Laura found the amazing team at SARA. 

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Michelle is from England.

She loves nature, animals, adventure, being outdoors

and getting her hands dirty.

She has been a volunteer with SARA since February 2020.



Jo is a Welsh girl living in Belgium. Morocco has a very special place in her heart, SARA has helped Jo bring her best friend, her partner in adventure, Milly back to Belgium. Jo is working side by side with our social media, and Pr team and is our Reddit Warrior

(r/ sproggs44)!   



Maud is a huge animal lover, in particular dogs who she adores. She is passionate about travel, have done lots in the past for rescues but hope to do lots more. She hopes to come visit the sanctuary sometime soon. 

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