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Help us buy a new car

We have 3 refuges spread over the Souss Massa region and we need vehicles to transport food, equipment and most importantly take dogs to the vet or collect them and bring them to the refuge. 


We need a new utility car to help us take care of all our animals and continue to save lives. We have over 900 dogs, 200 plus cats and several donkeys and horses, all rescued from the streets, all deserving the very best we can give them.


We need 


Help SARA 
feed the 
street dogs

Feed the Street Dogs

Since March 2020, Sunshine Animal Refuge has been sending bags of dog food to help feed the street dogs in Taghazout and Agadir. SARA has over 1200 animals to feed in their refuge, but do what they can to help dogs on the street. It is costing us nearly 300€ each month. We rely 100% on donations to care for all the animals that we can. Please help


The Pound Dog Club

In Agadir, street dogs are still being taken off the street by the city authorities.  We are doing what we can to make sure there is adequate food and care for these dogs, but we want to do more. The fate of these trapped dogs is particularly close to our hearts, and we are the only ones who can help them.


We have already rescued another 50 dogs from the Agadir pound. You can help us to give them a better future by joining the Pound Dog Club. They all deserve it, they are all lovely, loving wonderful dogs.


Taking a dog out of the pound means we must carry out immediate sterilization, vaccination, deworming and microchipping of the dog. This costs around 1100 Dh (100 euros) per dog. Most of these dogs will live in our Clebs Refuge, where they will be fed and looked after by our staff.

Joining the Pound Dog club means you commit to sending us a monthly donation so we can continue to look after these dogs and if possible rescue more.  As a member of the club we will send you a MuttShot of the Dog of the week each time you donate.


Help us
help them! 

Different Cats and Dogs

There are many dogs and cats injured in the traffic around Agadir, and often the injuries are not treated until too late. This means we have a lot of 3 legged or paralysed animals in our refuges.

There are additional costs in looking after them, not just when they arrive.


We need your support to make life easier for them all.

Bobby DSC_1148.JPG

Only 1€ a month! 


Help Cookie and
her friends

Cookies Pound Puppies

Towards the end of 2020 we rescued 51 puppies who were living in very poor conditions in the Commune Dog Pound in Agadir. These poor puppies were doomed and it broke our heart to leave them there so we rescued them.


Sadly five puppies died, but all the puppies have had their first vaccines and received anti-parasite treatment and are growing and healthy. We need to complete their vaccinations, neuter them when they get older, keep them healthy and happy in order to try and find homes for them.

Cookie is now living his best life in Canada.  We continue to rescue puppies from the pound and your help is always needed

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