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Born in December 2019. Lara was found as a puppy on the seafront promenade in Agadir, along with 5 siblings. ⁠She was adopted in 2020 and lived in a home for about a year. She enjoyed lots of hikes during this time. Sadly, her owner could not take her when he left Morocco. Lara stayed in a dog pension for several months and ultimately returned to our refuge. Lara is sociable with people, has been around teenage children, and seeks affection. Her former owner house trained and leash trained her and says she was ⁠calm indoors. Lara has a sturdy physique and plenty of energy that she likes to spend running and playing. She gets on well with other dogs, however, given that she plays with vigor we do not recommend cohabitation with young children or small-sized dogs. She will require regular outdoor activity and socialising with peers.⁠

If you would like to offer Lara a loving home, email us at⁠

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