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Born in December 2022. While driving in the mountains overlooking Agadir, Hazel spotted a tiny puppy, on the roadside by herself. She had a tight cord around her neck, as though she had been attached somewhere. Kira was lucky to be found by Hazel, because the cord would have dug into her neck and maybe suffocated her with her body growing. But Kira was a happy puppy, very affectionate with Hazel and quick to settle into her household with her many dogs and cats. Outside she was good company as well, coming along to restaurants and sleeping underneath Hazel's chair. Kira stayed at Hazel's until she was fully vaccinated and then came to our farm refuge, where she continued growing up together with other puppies. Kira has loads of energy and would be a great partner for jogging, hiking and other outdoors sports. She very much desires human companionship, eagerly greets strangers and is deeply loyal to her people. Life at the refuge in an enclosure with other dogs is frustrating her and we wish for her to find a family quickly.


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