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Give a Dog a Second Chance at Happiness

Millions of animals in Morocco are destined for a harsh life, but with your help, we can ensure they receive the love and care they deserve.

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Millions of animals
are fighting to survive

In Morocco, countless animals are left to fend for themselves on the streets, where they struggle to find food, shelter, and often fall victim to traffic accident and abuse. Through your compassion and generosity, we can provide these neglected animals with the best possible chance at a healthy and happy life.

Your Compassion in Action


Rescue Operations

Saving animals who are victims of traffic accidents, neglect or abuse by providing immediate medical care and a safe haven.



Restoring animals to health with medical care, food, and socialisation, prioritising physical and emotional recovery.

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Finding homes for our animals where they can thrive, while ensuring families gain a suitable and loving companion.



Vaccinating and neutering the stray dog population to combat diseases and prevent overpopulation.


Community Partnership

Collaborating with government bodies to initiate animal welfare projects, and creating jobs for the local Moroccan community.

Your trust means everything to us. At SARA Morocco, we are deeply committed to transparency and accountability, ensuring your generosity makes a real impact and regularly updating you on the progress we are making together.


How You Can Contribute

Your contributions support a collective effort to improve the lives of animals.

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Donating or Sponsoring

Your donations fund everything from daily resources and facility improvements to projects that ensure the welfare of animals both in our care and on the streets.

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By adopting a rescue animal, you provide them with a loving home and gain a loyal and affectionate companion, all while freeing up space for us to save more strays.

The impact so far


Vulnerable Animals Rescued


Animals Adopted to Loving Homes


Animals Vaccinated & Sterilised


Caring Animal


Every Animal has a Unique Story

Through personalised care and attention, we aim to change each animal’s story from one of suffering to one of love and compassion, ensuring they all have the opportunity to write a happier chapter in their life.

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