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Our Mission

To provide animals in Morocco with the best possible chance at a happy and healthy life

How It All Began

Founded by Michele Augsburger in 2013, SARA Morocco (originally Association Le Coeur sur la Patte - CSPA) was created in response to the dire conditions of street animals in Morocco. Michele was determined to make a broader impact beyond individual rescues.


In 2014, CSPA started a Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) program to control the population of stray dogs and combat the spread of diseases. In 2016, it become the first officially sanctioned TNVR scheme in Morocco. However, in April 2018, the city came under pressure to remove all dogs from the streets, leading Michele to find land and rescue 750 dogs, marking the birth of Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir: SARA Morocco


A Safe Haven for All

Since then, we have expanded, rescuing hundreds of dogs annually from the Agadir city dog pound and other dire situations. To accomodate to so many dogs, we now operate three refuges: the Farm refuge, as well as the Clebs and Shems refuges. 


The Farm refuge, which is the personal property of the founder, Michele, has been expanded to accomodate to around 500 animals. The especially venerable animals are cared for here, as well as the dogs that are being prepared for adoption.


The Clebs refuge and Shems refuge are rented spaces that together accomodate around 800 dogs, located a couple hours outside of Agadir. In the future, we hope to consolidate SARA under one roof on owned land, enabling us to more easily care for our animals and provide them with the love and attention they deserve.


The Heart of SARA Morocco

At SARA Morocco, our dedicated team is the heart of our organisation. Our on-site team consists of paid employees who work tirelessly to ensure the health and well-being of every animal in our refuges. In addition to our on-site staff, we have a dynamic mix of international employees and volunteers that support the administrative and marketing aspects of our organisation.

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