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Our priority


We aim to give all the animals in our care the best life possible.

We did not start out with the idea of giving refuge to 900 dogs.  Association Le Coeur sur la patte was working with the Agadir Commune to neuter and vaccinate the street dogs with the aim of eradicating rabies and controlling the street dog population. Early in 2018 the authorities decided that all dogs had to be removed from the street.  As the existing facilities were designed for 80 dogs and there were over 1200 dogs that had been vaccinated and neutered, we had no choice but to find another home for them.


At the moment we are on rented land with some buildings.  This is not perfect.  Ideally we would like to buy land and build a proper refuge.  But first we have to make sure each animal has food and water, shelter and care. 


We can only do this with your support

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