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Born in January 2021. Although she grew up on the streets, Zitouna was in contact with humans. We know this not only because she was comfortable around us from the start but also because our team member Larbi witnessed the accident that brought her to our refuge, in August 2021. She was following a group of children and hit by a car while crossing the street. The children said she was a stray they played with, and agreed that Larbi take her to safety. She was treated for a shoulder fracture that healed over the following months, and regained her full mobility. Since her recovery, she lives in a large group of dogs. Zitouna has a joyful caracter, loves to play and explore her surroundings and is people-oriented. She does not need a lot of exercice but stimulating activities and opportunities to socialise. She would do well in a family with children and can cohabit with other dogs but no small animals (guinee pigs, birds, etc.) - she appears keen on chasing them. She is of medium size and weighs around 18kg.

If you would like to adopt, email us at

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