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Born in 2021. Natia is a tripawd (tree-legged) road accident survivor from Marrakech. She was in a critically state when found on the street, and her left hind leg needed amputation. After several surgeries and initial recovery in Marrakech, we welcomed Natia to our farm refuge. Once she had gained strength she began to explore the farm and socialise with the other free-ranging animals. At first she was scared, but quickly she regained confidence and trust in humans and began to seek affection. Natia has a low activity level. She mostly relaxes in the garden watching what goes on around her. She is a bit of an alarm barker and may need to be desensitized to stimuli in a new environment. We wish for Natia to find her forever home and to receive the care and love she deserves. Natia is able to walk on leash, but her mobility is restricted and it would be best for her to also have a garden to move at her own pace. She also needs regular vet checkups and medication.


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