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Cookie & Paco


Cookie: Chihuahua, born in July 2022 * Paco: Mini Pinscher, born in September 2021

Cookie and Paco are like brothers and hoping for a forever home that will welcome them both. They were loved by their previous owner, but due to work circumstances she could no longer care for them adequately and entrusted them to SARA. For the past few months, they have been enjoying freedom and exciting encounters at our farm refuge, spending all day roaming the house and gardens and getting to know lots of people, dogs and cats. They are a cheerful pair, confident around other dogs - including those that are 5 times their size! - and get along well with the cats, too. Paco is the playful and curious one who enjoys bouncing and zooming around with puppies and our dog ladies Iklil and Agadir. Cookie is the calm one who loves cuddles most of all. Together they make a great team and we would hate to separate them.


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