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Born in December 2020. Audrey is one of three sisters rescued as babies. Her sisters live happy lives in Germany but Audrey is still waiting for her forever home. Audrey grew up on our farm shelter, roaming the gardens and socialising with dogs and cats alike. She now shares her space with a large group of dogs. Her cute Schnauzer face and funny "bat ears", make her a real eye catcher! Around team members she likes to draw attention and get cuddles any way she can. With strangers she's more reserved. Audrey is agile and energetic and when her group is let out she will start her playtime by zooming around and sniffing out every corner. While she has become calmer as an adult, Audrey still needs plenty of exercise and ideally a garden. Her adopter should be able to train with her, to tame her exuberance. She is smaller than average and slim beneath her wiry fur, weighing about 15kg.


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