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Born January 2022. Hana is a German Shepherd mix with congenital leg deformity. Her hind paws are deformed, one paw missing altogether. But Hana is resilient and walks fine on three legs (one being shorter than the others). ⁠She was found in a garbage bin in Essaouira when she was a tiny puppy. She was at a refuge there at first and came to us when she was about 4 months old. Hana grew up among cats and puppies and had a lot of human contact early on in life. At our farm refuge she spent some time ranging freely and now lives with a group of dogs. When she first arrived she was a little intimidated by all the animals and commotion. She liked to be carried around and we would find her in odd hiding places. Since then, she has revealed her confident and joyful nature. Hana is sociable with her peers and loves cuddles. She's a sweetheart and her handicap is not difficult to manage. A prosthetic paw could be considered in the future to give her more mobility. ⁠

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