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If you would like to welcome one of our dogs please fill in this form and we will take you through the process.

Thank you! We will get back to you shortly!

The first step is for you to fill our contact form on the right. You can also email us at: 

We will then send you an adoption questionnaire where you tell us a bit about your household, lifestyle and expectations.

We will evauate your application and discuss with you whether the dog(s) you are interested in are suitable, or suggest dogs for you.  

Adopters in Europe: please choose dogs from the 'Ready for EU travel' category below.

They already have the legally required rabies antibody titer test and can travel immediately.

For the others, preparing this paperwork takes around 4 months.

Once your adoption is confirmed, we will assist with travel logistics to get the dog as close to you as possible. If you are in Morocco or have the possibility to visit you can pick your dog up from the shelter.

Please be patient if we do not get back right away. We are only a small team and doing our best to process all incoming enquiries as quickly as we can.

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