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Year of Birth

Hey there, I’m Noisette. I’m a lively and sociable dog who loves to play with my peers and greet visitors. I explore my environment with confidence and enjoy the company of both cats and dogs. I’m a small-medium sized dog, with a shoulder height of 50cm and weighing around 15kg. I’m looking for a loving home where I can continue to share my joyful spirit and friendly nature.


Noisette was found by one of our team members on the roadside when she was a small puppy, alone and with a tight cord around her neck. She was very lucky to be relieved of the agony. Since then, Noisette has lived on our farm shelter among the free-ranging cats and dogs. She is lively and sociable, happy to play with her peers and to greet visitors.

Your Journey Starts Here

Welcome Your New Friend Home

After confirming your adoption, we’ll assist with travel logistics to bring your new friend home safely and cost-effectively. If you’re in Morocco or can visit, you’re welcome to pick up your dog directly from us and have a tour of the animal refuge.

Find Your Perfect Match

We’ll evaluate your application and discuss with you whether the dog(s) you’re interested in are a good match. If not, we’ll suggest other wonderful dogs that share a similar appearance, yet better suit your lifestyle and expectations.

Tell Us About Yourself

Once we receive your expression of interest, we’ll send you an adoption questionnaire. Share a bit about your household, lifestyle, and what you’re looking for in your furry companion.

Fill Out the Adoption Enquiry Form

Start your journey by filling out our adoption enquiry form below.

This is your first step in welcoming a new furry friend into your home!

Stay Connected

Keep in touch! Let us know how your dog is settling in. If you face any challenges or can no longer keep your dog, contact us immediately. We’re here to support you and ensure the best solution for your dog.

Adoption Enquiry Form

After you submit this form, we'll send you an adoption questionnaire to get the process started. If we do not get back right away, don't stress. We are only a small team and doing our best to process all incoming enquiries as quickly as we can.

Our Happy Tales

We have helped over 150 dogs find their forever homes, bringing joy to both the dogs and their new families.

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